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UNDER THE DOME: Under the Dome

  • Site Official Facebook page
  • Genre Variety and Reality Program
  • Cast Dome Pakorn Lam(Dome Pakorn Lam), Tha-naerng Kanyawee Songmuang(Tha-naerng Kanyawee Songmuang), Aom Sucha Manaying(Aom Sucha Manaying), Ning Panita Thammawatthana(Ning Panita Thammawatthana), Ploy Hor-wong(Ploy Hor-wong), Oat Pramote Pathan(Oat Pramote Pathan), Pete Pete Kachai(Pete Pete Kachai), Metal Metal Sukkhao(Metal Metal Sukkhao)
  • AboutVarious things happen on this earth everyday. Every life is walking on this planet everyday as well. If we have a chance to get in touch, connect and reflect, all forms of living always give us new ideas. Under the DOME is a program that will take you on a journey to discover various stories on this earth, along with tips on how to live life fully through the perspectives of Dome Pakorn Lam. Each episode consists of daily life stories and Dome will help you find the answer to the different aspects of life in this reality-type variety show. You will enjoy traveling to various places with Dome Pakorn Lam.