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The Collector

  • Site Official Facebook page
  • Genre Romantic horror
  • Station ภาพดีทวีสุข
  • Cast ปาย(ไอซ์ซึ ณัฐรัตน์ นพรัตยาภรณ์), วิรินทร์(เพลง ชนม์ทิดา อัศวเหม), ต้าร์(แน็ก ชาลี ไตรรัตน์), ทศ(บอล วิธวัฒน์ สิงห์ลําพอง)
  • AboutThe news about the discovery of a corpse' left arm, caught people's attention. People don’t know whose it belongs to!!! Don't know where it came from!!! Don't know the cause of death!!! But for Pai, since he had found the body fragment, strange events started happening to him. Pai sometimes feels that he is not alone in the room. He even sees the corpse parts as the hallucinations!!! Also, he sees a woman disappearing in the room in front of his eyes!!! These strange events causes him to begin to suspect that a mysterious body fragment is connected to him somehow. As he chases after the truth, he finds that the body part may be related to his ex-girlfriend, Wirin, whom he loves most!!!


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