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The Brightest Star In The Sky

  • Genre Romantic, Comedy
  • Station Huace
  • Cast Zheng Baixu(Huang Zitao), Yang Zhenzhen(Wu Qian), Yu Zirui(Niu Junfeng), Xia Yuan(Cao Xiyue)
  • AboutStar Entertainment is the top entertainment company in China. The company owner Chen Tianhao and Du Wanqing used to be devoted husband and wife. But the differences of business operation put their marriage in jeopardy. Yang Zhenzhen enters this compay and becomes an assistant of idol singer Zhen Boxu, who is very arrogant. By working with Zhen Boxu and helping him make progress, Yang Zhenzhen generally becomes a professial agent. Meanwhile, Du Wanqing starts to train new singer Yu Zirui. His music talent brings great pressure to Zhen Boxu. These youths have experienced lots of difficulties and challenges, and all gain success in career and relationship.