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Please Love Me

  • Date 2019-01-01 ~
  • Genre Romantic
  • Station Huace
  • Cast Yi Han(Zhang Yujian), Pei Youyou(Xu Xiaonuo), Lin Tiannuo(Gao Hanyu), Ran Zishu(Lu Yanqi)
  • AboutSuper star Yi Han was involved in a car accident with Pei Youyou, a manicurist who only dreams of buying her own apartment. Under the pressure of a planned scandal, these two have to sign a marriage contract and pretend to be a couple. Gradually the strange couple develops feelings for each other. Their contract is then unexpectedly exposed, however. A plot against Yi han is revealed and his career is facing huge crisis. What is also revealed is that he has already fallen in love with Youyou.