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Nobleman Ryu's Wedding (류선비의 혼례식)

  • Genre Romance, Costume, BL
  • Station Jaye Entertainment
  • Cast Ryu Ho-sun(Lee Se-jin), Choi Ki-wan(Kang In-soo), Kim Tae-hyung(Jang Eui-soo)
  • AboutThe bride was a man at a wedding ceremony consisting of family politics? Ho-sun looks perfect like the best groom on the outside, but he's too kind and weak-minded. On behalf of his sister, who disappeared before the wedding because she hated political marriage, Ki-wan has to perform a bride's role until he finds her. Tae-hyung falls in love with Ki-wan, Ho-sun’s wife, at first sight when he happened to see him at Ho-sun's house. The rough honeymoon of Ho-sun and Ki-wan begins...