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My Friendship

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  • Genre Drama
  • Station Wayufilm Production Co.,Ltd.
  • Cast แบงค์(ม่อน หัสวรรษชนม์ วงศ์ศรีใส), แจ๊ค(โอ๊ค ภูวนารถ รู้แนบเนียน)
  • About"Bank", a student at all male schools, had a deep relationship for the first time with "Jack", a roommate who is not very close. The two became close since the beginning of 3rd grade. The deep relationship between the boys was long throughout the academic year. When the date that "Jack" and "Bank" have to go to study in different schools. The secret, Jack had concealed to Bank for a long time, was revealed. And that day became a memory that they would never forget for a lifetime.