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My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression

  • Date 2019-01-01 ~
  • Genre Romantic, Comedy
  • Station Huace
  • Cast Tian Jingzhi(Yu Shuxin), Xue Lingqiao(Mike Angelo), Yun Zhen(Li Geyang), Ye Meixiao(Tian Yitong)
  • AboutTian Jingzhi, 29 years old, is a well-known female B-list actress in show business. She brings mutant Xue Lingqiao back to the mortal's world in an accident and then starts their supernatural relationship. Wishing Tian can live a peaceful human life, Xue leaves when he's took his revenge. And Tian soon finds herself getting pregnant after their breaking up. Tian is pursued by a mysterious young hunk Yun Zhen. Can the “super baby” be born safely? Can Xue Lingqiao and Tian Jingzhi get back together? There are more troubles waiting for them on the way ahead...