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DW Founders Valley

  • Genre Economics
  • Station Deutsche Welle
  • AboutMillennials around the world are set to be the most highly educated generation to date. They’re a generation characterized by talent, innovation, an overwhelming desire for social change, and a powerful entrepreneurial spirit. At the same time, young people today face huge global challenges, including the threat posed by climate change, ongoing geopolitical crises and rising inequality. But as more and more millennials pursue education and job opportunities across borders, they are developing global perspectives – and are poised to design a more inclusive world. In the third season of Founders' Valley, we meet with young social entrepreneurs in Asia working on social innovations that mirror the hopes of their generation. The episodes are hosted by Bianca Praetorius, who advises founders worldwide. Sie meets Asian entrepreneurs who strive for nothing less than a fairer world. DW Founders' Valley – Forward to the Future shows the way there.