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  • Genre Romantic.
  • Station DREAMBOX MEDIA Co.,Ltd. & JSTARDOM Co.,Ltd.
  • Cast อึนกยู(จางกึนวอก), ฮีวอน(จองเอชอล)
  • AboutDoremipasolrasido is a kind of love...doremie. Jung-won, a high school student, she works as a father.Work in the amusement park and dress up as a dragon cartoon, but then one day, a man made her fall when she saw the face of the man who made her fall, so she poured water on his head. A few days later, Jung-won and his brother noticed.Seeing a new family moving in next door to Jung-won feels uncomfortable knowing that one of the guys in the family is the guy who teased her pretty funny, he's Piggyu, the hot young man from the band "Doremifasol.""adido." The next evening, Jung-won peeked at the poop from the bull.Her job, and Pig Yoo's poop finally sees her, Eung Yoo threatened Jung-Won to walk from school to the studio to practice with him for at least a week, otherwise he'll sue her parents about Gae.A little bit. When Jung-won arrived at the studio, he practiced music.She noticed someone familiar, Hee-won, the band's bass player, he was her childhood friend, but their friendship for 10 years had to end because Jung-won reported something about Hee-won's father to the police.He was trying to separate Jung-Won and Pig-Yu.