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An Oriental Odyssey

  • Genre Fantasy
  • Station Huace
  • Cast Ye YuanAn(Wu Qian), Mu Le(Zheng Yecheng), Zhao Lanzhi(Zhang Yujian), Ming Hui(Dong Qi)
  • AboutYe YuanAn, the daughter of the financial vice-minister, meets the brave head constable, Zhao Lanzhi in a prostitute-killing case. They solve the case together and gradually fall in love. On the journey, Ye saves Mu Le, a homeless man who has lost his memories, from a bazaar. The stubborn Mu becomes Ye’s servant and stays loyal to her. The three cooperate closely, dealing with special cases. Infanta Minghui, the disciple of the state master, Tianqiao, falls in love with Zhao and threatens him to marry her. Apart from the secret of Mu’s real identity and the chaos around, the four also have to deal with the complicated relationships between them.